Martín Demichelis and Evangelina Anderson

Evangelina Anderson

Martín Demichelis


I had never heard of Evangelina Anderson before, and thanks to my friends at The Spoiler for pointing her out. She’s an Argentinian model and persistent WAG. For those who care, she was born in Buenos Aires and moved to Chile to pursue her modeling career. She also considers herself an actress, although her on-screen career starts and finishes with a single appearance on a Chilean TV show called “Morandé con compañía”.
Former soccer player boyfriend Maxi Lopez once said about Anderson, “You know how this girl is, she’s got a parallel profession.” When the host asked if he meant she was a “gato” (a cat, or high class hooker), Lopez said “nooo…I mean one day she goes with one, another day she goes with someone else…”
That someone else is fellow Argentinian, Bayern Munich defender Martin Demichelis, who intends to make an honest woman of Miss Anderson. Good luck buddy. Oh yes, she’s also posed for Playboy. Hugh, I hope you tapped that.
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