Ronaldinho Gaúcho and Sara Tommasi

Sara Tommasi

Ronaldinho Gaúcho



In the classic Italian show girl tradition, Sara Tommasi has got together with a football player, but not just any old football player - she has admitted to a two-month relationship so far with new AC Milan recruit Ronaldinho. After being snapped recently in company with the footballer, Tommasi finally confirmed the gossip from Italy, saying to tabloid magazine Chi:
“We are going out together, we’ve been going for two months. A couple? Some words always seem a bit exaggerated. We go out together and we have fun. He is very affectionate, kind and polite with a girl like me. He’s a good guy, a really good guy, and he’s better than a girl like me could hope to meet.”
We’re not really sure what all that “girl like me” stuff is supposed to mean, but at least Tommasi hasn’t gone over the top, and even refused to confirm reports for a while. The future may not be smooth riding though, if Ronaldinho were to leave the Milan team, as has been rumoured recently.

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