Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero

Sara Carbonero

Iker Casillas

Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero. Everybody's talking about it.....that is except the two in question.

Are they or aren't they dating?

While the rest of the hot-blooded male and female population dicen Que No! The Spanish media are convinced that this relationship is definitely on.

If sources are to be believed, her (recently) ex-boyfriend, a fellow Sports Journalist, David Sanchez announced his break-up with the gorgeous brunette on Facebook on the 12th February, stating that he had "returned to the single life." Just one week previous, revellers at Pacha nightclub in the centre of the capital said that they had seen Iker and Sara in the VIP area of the club looking very cosy, after Real Madrid's 3-0 win over Espanyol. However, there are no pictures to back up such claims and despite the relentless rumours and speculation over the coupling, nobody is quite sure just what is going on between the two.

Pairing the golden girl of Spanish sports television with the hero worshipped Real Madrid goalkeeper and national team captain could just be wishful thinking on the press's part but then again as the old saying goes, there's no smoke without fire. In fact, it's not the first time that Iker and Sara have been linked.

Journalists working at the Confederations Cup in South Africa last Summer, where the shot-stopper was first introduced to the TV babe, said that Iker was quite taken by the blue-eyed beauty and subsequently sent her a bouquet of flowers to show his interest. At the time Sara was still with David and so did not act on the gesture and soon enough the rumours died down as Iker started dating Ana Medinabeita. But it seems a spark had been kindled.
(For the record Sizzling would have had those flowers pressed, framed and made pride of place in her salón. Some people are so ungrateful)

In December Iker and Ana call things off, while Sara and David followed suit just two months later, bringing us up to date with the now rumoured romance.
And although neither one has confirmed it, nor too have they denied it.

Sara did speak out last month when she was asked about the far-fetched gossip that Cristiano Ronaldo and Iker had had a bet in the Real Madrid changing room to see which of one of them could get their hands on her first. The Toledo-born presenter took it all in good humour responding with:
"I think that the bet would be more likely to have been who will win the Champions League, no?
Alright, it's not that funny, but the world would be an even crueller place had such a painfully pretty chica been blessed with a comedic streak too.

Still, the Cristiano Fever that is sweeping across Spain may have to step aside, as the Carbonero/Casillas craze is rapidly gathering pace.

More and more viewers are tuning in to Sara's daily sports updates on Telecinco to see any signs of a wry smile when any story concerning the goalkeeper comes up, while shameless gossip show reporters are hounding the Whites players at any opportunity in the hope that they will give something away.

But until either Iker or Sara speaks out, or an eagle-eyed photographer snaps the evidence, the speculation looks set to continue.

So while it does, Sizzling Señorita would like to throw in her penny's worth.

If they are dating, which places are they going to without getting papped? And can their relationship stand such relentless intrusion while it's still in such early stages?

Who knows? All that Sizzling will say, is that's she knows of many other lovely ladies (*coughs*ahem, herself) should it not work out and she's more than sure that looking like Sara does, the TV temptress will certainly not be short of offers from all you Madridista men out there!

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